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goodbye. [24 Jul 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]



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[13 Jul 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i watched death cab's sound of settling video on tv [wow who knew death cab would ever be on tv? well it was only local television]with my cousin; who i found literally just standing in my hallway. then we watched the texas chainsaw massacre which we watched half the time through out fingers. too bloody and shit. and then we went on the swingsets during sunset then ate pizza.

now i'm staying home &watching i love the nineties by myself because my brother is gone &i have no one to play with. haha.

this is me being LAME.

who wants to be my buddy?

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[06 Jul 2004|01:16pm]
[ mood | sad ]

they're playing our fucking songCollapse )

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[29 Jun 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

&my wishes are always for you.
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[24 Jun 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today i woke up in tears. literally. i had a dream that both my brother &sister had cancer &had only a month to live. my brother isn't even in the same country so it makes me worry like AHH. talk about a wake up call.

[SIDENOTE]what do you guys think of the new layout? i've been into green for awhile. &what about the icon i made?[/SIDENOTE]

linguistic bitch.Collapse )
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[23 Jun 2004|02:49pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

today i got all dressed up &ended up not even going anywhere. am i the only who thinks thats a COMPLETE waste of time?

but on friday me &some friends are making plans to go out &do something. like we did back in the day. i grew up with those kids &i haven't seen them for days. i miss those kids.

today my dad is leaving for a trip to mexico. so is my brother. i'm going to miss him like woahhh. i can't have days without someone to complain to &yell at.

yesterday i had a physical. plus a shot that makes my arm hurt like AHH. just so you know its ackward to be sitting in only your underwear &a paper top. but at least i'm healthy &the "perfect" weight &height.

represent!!Collapse )

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[20 Jun 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i love the 90`sCollapse )

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[17 Jun 2004|11:42am]
[ mood | awake ]

bitch please.Collapse )

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recordBREAKING [15 Jun 2004|03:38pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

i talked on the phone with my favorite boy in the whole world from onethirty am to sixten am. &i've always preferred sunrises over sunsets. so i finally got the chance to see one. &it couldn't of been better than to see it with the person who knows me better than i think i know myself.

&please don't go away. i just want you to stay with me forever.Collapse )

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[14 Jun 2004|02:47pm]
[ mood | romantic ]

why don't we hit restart,
&pause it at our favorite parts?
we'll skip the goodbyes.
if i had it my way,
i'd turn the car around &runaway;
just you and i.

hopeless romantic.Collapse )
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